Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)


Emperius Technologies Provides Computer AMC. There are however, certain things that you must know about these contracts before you actually get into one. If you are concerned about repair and maintenance costs, we offer annual maintenance contracts (AMC). Our highly skilled Technicians install, maintain and repair Windows-based PCs, Laptop / Notebook, modems, and network connections. Certified technicians can make on-site repairs in departmental offices / Individuals, or you can bring your equipment to the workshop. Our commitment to world class customer service has made us the most respected on-site computer repair and support provider in our service area. Most important we guarantee our work with the help of experienced support staff.

Why don’t get an annual maintenance contract with us and relax

  • Performance Issues : We specialize in making (and keeping) your computer running FAST! CLEAN! And SECURE!
  • Security and Protection : At office you are protected by expensive technology … get the same done at HOME.
  • Software : Are you having problems with any of your software? Do you need help installing or uninstalling any programs?
  • Operating Systems : Windows 7 or Vista. Keeping your OS in top shape will guarantee peak performance every day.
  • Accessories : With your computer working as the most valuable tool in your home and office, accessories allow you to do things you never dreamed of.
  • Networking : Want to use one printer for every computer in the office or at home? Our technicians are experts when it comes to wireless devices and networking.

We offer two types of Annual Maintenance Services (AMC)

  • Non – Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract : Non-comprehensive Computer AMC includes repair & services only with cost of defective to be borne by the customer.
  • Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract : Comprehensive Computer AMC’s includes all parts (Here, you are not charged separately for the labor or for the parts replaced).
    Call us anytime you have a question, concern, or problem regarding your computer or its operation. Most times we can walk you through a process or answer your questions with a quick telephone conversation or by connecting remotely via the Internet. Often the right answer at the right time can save lots of problems. You know… “A stitch in time, saves nine”.
    If there are repair issues that can’t be handled by phone, you’ll receive priority (over non-agreement customers) in scheduling a service call or remote service appointment. In-shop expediting (front-of-the-line priority) still requires an expedite fee.
  • REDUCED LABOR RATE (1/2 price labour) 
    All routine preventative-maintenance work is included in your maintenance agreement. Any additional work we do for you will be at 1/2 our normal applicable rate. This rate is viable for repairs, new system construction, training, or any projects that you might need help with. Emergency (same day, after hours, and holidays rates) service not included. 1/2-price labour does not apply to laptop hardware repairs (broken screen, DC jack replacement) or Data Recovery Services.